If BusinessWeek is doing it, why aren’t you?

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Check it, got this note from Adam Bly of Seed:

So I’m flipping through the new issue of BusinessWeek (April 3, 2006; Cover: The
Top Performers) and on page 14 in the BLOGSPOTTING section, I happen upon this article:


WHY READ IT A sister project of Seed magazine, this blog bills itself as the Web’s largest conversation about science. Its members include physicists, surgeons, and historians.

NOTABLE POST “…If life doesn’t exist on Enceladus [one of Saturn's moons]…I suggest seeding the moon with Terran organisms that might be able to survive and flourish. In a few decades genetic engineering might also progress to a point where exotic…metabolisms could be synthesized with the physiology of more complex aquatic organisms.” [that’s me, that’s me, that’s me! -Razib]

If BusinessWeek is reading my other blog, shouldn’t you be? :)


  1. But BusinessWeek left out your best line: 
    “I don’t believe that God exists, but I suspect It might in the future. Someone should start practicing.”

  2. Congratulations.  
    You should get paid for your ideas.

  3. Wow. Well deserved, and may it far outlast 15 minutes. Consider Francis Fukuyama, who got famous with a silly book with a hot title, and now everything he writes gets front page reviews on both sides of the Atlantic. You deserve to be paid attention to more than him.

  4. Rock out! Congrats, and well-deserved.

  5. Tolja so. 

  6. cool deal, razib. i’ve been enjoying your insightful musings on history and science since your days on usenet. it is good to see your talents receiving due acknowledgement. congrats!

  7. Cooliosio! :)

  8. coolissimo! congrats g

  9. usenet? soc.history.what-if or alt.atheism? do you remember the ‘tracy posavotz’ days? 
    and thanks all.

  10. Mad props Razib!

  11. razib, i remember mostly reading you on the soc.history.* newsgroups. i recall at the time you had this university of oregon hosted webpage with a picture of you in what looked liked your dorm room with a short introduction on your bengali background, with the hilarious addition of a list detailing all the various ethnic/racial mixtures you’d been ignorantly mistaken for in the past. 
    p.s. i don’t know tracy posavotz

  12. with the hilarious addition of a list detailing all the various ethnic/racial mixtures you’d been ignorantly mistaken for in the past. 
    yeah, i had to take that down because it violated some terms of use.

  13. Rocking. Congrats Razib. :)

  14. Congratulations on your first 15 minutes of fame!

  15. Congratulations. Seems about time. Just remember all us little people/first fans when you are dining with Pinker in the future.

  16. congrats Razib!!! 
    Glad to see the evil one is posting again.

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