IQ by Eurostate

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In a flashback to the IQ by state hoax, the Times has published a list of IQs by country for most, but not all, European countries. The ranking is attributed to Richard Lynn, without references.

The IQ range of 107 (Germany) to 89 (Serbia) resembles real IQ by US state data.

Razib whispers: Beware of British newspapers!!!


  1. I assume that Times UK story, along with the identical articles in a few other places, are just plugging Lynn’s new book with this “new study” line, but many of the values they are reporting are actually ‘Flynn corrected’ values from Buj’s 25 year old study. Buj’s urban sampling was questionable and the extreme within-European differences they are reporting are nonsense, and are not supported by the data in Lynn’s book. The book lists 8 studies for Germany, the average is 99. A 2003 standardization sample for the German WISC is 99, while an even bigger recent standardization for the Ravens shows the same thing. The same WISC standardization for France shows an IQ of 98, trivially different from the German result. The actual data in the book show no difference between Germany and Britain.

  2. The ranking is attributed to Richard Lynn, without references. 
    Ok, I see now that they do reference his “new book” for these numbers. The values reported are cherry-picked.

  3. Poland 106? I think not.

  4. Poland 106? I think not. 
    If so, Poles would have to be the planets biggest underacheivers. But coming from that gene pool, I can tell you our problem isn’t with intelligence, per se, it’s with organization. We appear to be a congenitally disorganized people.

  5. UT, AK, there are more men, winter season. 
    I guess they dont have anything else to do but read books.

  6. The real story is that European IQs by country are pretty similar, mostly within the wide margins of error for this type of research.

  7. These numbers sound pretty suspect to me, especially given the lack of a reference. Germany 107? France only 94? Perhaps the large Arab population in France accounts for its underperformance. But there is also a large Turkish population in Germany. Perhaps they were not tested? Anyway, I read some previous data where there was much less variation and the European countries clustered tightly around 100.

  8. people, can you read? the numbers aren’t real as jason malloy elucidated above. the comments don’t jump down, you must have seen those comments.

  9. The table accords very well with my subjective impressions, having spent time in most of the countries mentioned. The Germans definitely are very keen and intelligent in conversation. Even though I don’t speak Polish, I was much amazed by the depth of musical talent. You can switch on their music channel any time of the day to listen to yet another group performing the most amazing original rock, jazz or any other genre of music. The low score for the French doesn’t surprise me much, as it explains the absence of logic in their traffic systems. And the British are just plain boring.

  10. the numbers aren’t real 
    Agreed – the numbers don’t make a whole lot of sense, though I think they make some. I would venture a well controlled study show a gradient from northwest to southeast. 
    If there’s any people that I could see some selective force for greater intelligence similar to the selection in Ashkenazi Jews, it’s with the Dutch. Afterall, their country is an engineering marvel. I could see the dimwitted being at more of a disadvantage there than elsewhere.

  11. Razib, I used the real data. ;)

  12. Sailer’s IQ data provide a bit of support for the cultural or environmental explanations for low IQ.  
    The only Southern or border states with a white IQ higher than 100 are MO (104), MD (103), FL and TX (102), and VA (101). All of these except TX have large northern migrant populations. The only northern (non-border) state with a white IQ of less than 100 is Indiana, and Indiana has a substantial Southern population and votes like a border state.  
    24 northern states have higher IQs than any southern state, and any but two border states (MD and MO).  
    I’m an IQ skeptic anyway, but based on Sailer’s data, low respect for education and low investment on education, and maybe southern culture generally, cost quite a few IQ points.

  13. To be clear: 
    24 northern states have higher WHITE IQs than any southern state, and any but two border states (MD and MO).

  14. The meme spreads to France 
    Taken together, the two articles make it sound like the numbers were generated by estimating IQ from measured cranial capacity.

  15. The IQ by American state data provided by Sailer are from Vietnam Vets. Nam was a war with a draft. The draft, being random, would be representative if the sample sizes were sufficiently large (which they aren’t). But Vietnam also attracted a large number of volunteers. Volunteers disproportionately came from the South. If we assume that volunteers have, on average, a lower IQ than non-volunteers then we have grounds to suspect that the averages from the Southern States skew low. Vietnam also was a war with differals. If we assume that differals were more likely to be granted to people with higher IQs, then we have grounds for suspecting that states with higher than average differals (Norther states?) skew low as well.  
    The results may be a wash. But it’s hard to tell a priori.

  16. The Encyclopedia of Intelligence breaks down intelligence by U.S. region, and supports that white IQ is somewhat lower in the South.