April fools early isn’t that funny

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OK…so my notice earlier was an early April fools “joke.” Anyway, I apologize to Ron Edgar of the Gene Expression Omnibus, as a concerned reader emailed him. I’ll try to think of something more innocuous next time. I should have just made up a fake organization.


  1. Manish & Co. got you beat today, bro. *I* believed that one for about a minute.

  2. Heh, ok. There was a lot that wasn’t making sense about that, but I sure didn’t figure it out. 
    That’s the problem with April Fools, you expect it on the actual day, so the temptation is to push the pranks back a little earlier. I’m surprised the whole holiday hasn’t slowly migrated, continental drift-like, back to some day in February.

  3. Manish & Co. got you beat today 
    yeah, i got the idea from them. and he did a good job making a fake site and stuff.

  4. i swear kanly on you.

  5. you dirty rotten fucker! ;) i guess you can ignore my post at your SB.

  6. Yeah, you fooled me good!

  7. Let’s hope you haven’t given Gene Expression Omnibus an idea…

  8. As the person who fell for the prank most spectacularly (I’m the author of the outraged email to Gene Expression Omnibus), I’d say it was an excellent April Fools’ joke. Although I’m a faithful reader of this and other blogs, I’m never moved to post a comment. In this case though, Razib’s gag had me so indignant I fired off an angry letter. The best April Fools’ joke is the sort that not only inspires credulity in its victim, but spurs him to comic over-reaction as well.

  9. I didn’t know it was a joke but it seemed wierd that a compnay would care about something like that. And if they did, it would be easy just to change the name.

  10. Hey, I fired off an angry letter too! I wonder how many they got…

  11. sheepish, i was referring to michael….

  12. Hey, I see Google Earth had a nice surprize for those looking at Area 51 yesterday!

  13. Wouldn’t you have just changed the name………