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Via Dienekes I found this important new paper on Finnish genetics, Regional differences among the Finns: A Y-chromosomal perspective. This is a meaty paper, so I put it up in the GNXP forum files (“finnY”). Here is the abstract: Twenty-two Y-chromosomal markers, consisting of fourteen biallelic markers…eight STRs…were analyzed in 536 unrelated Finnish males from […]

Brit Pic

Purely out of sociological interest, here is a picture of Britney’s crack. (That got your attention, didn’t it?)

Disease Mongers

You may not be interested in Big Pharma, but Big Pharma is interested in you. PLoS Medicine has an issue on the pharmaceutical industry’s disease mongering. I liked this article on serotonin & depression, namely the disconnect between the muddy consensus within neuroscience (it may or may not be somehow involved) and the boastful direct-to-consumer […]

Is Mormonism relatively weird or absolutely weird???

There’s a hilarious, and often thoughtful, comment thread over at The American Scene. Ross Douthat is a Roman Catholic, and many of his readers are serious intellectual Christians. So, I am always interested when they object to the bizarre and obviously anthropogenic hocus-pocus of Mormonism. Some snips of interest: dude, mormans are weird. let’s just […]

Jan-Michael Vincent, lost Finnish orphan?

Is washed up 80s TV star Jan-Michael Vincent a Finnish adoptee? Note the similarity in appearance to “famous” Finn, Esa-Pekka Salonen. Suspiciously they both have hyphenated first names, and likely have had “grandfathers” who were made into cuckolds by Chinese sailors. Additionally, Vincent is a known drunk, a vice that Finns are all too familiar […]

No such thing as “photographic memory”

I was talking to Greg Cochran a few months ago, and we were talking about memory. Greg has described himself as having a “pack rat mind.” I’m somewhat similar, all sorts of obscurities lurk back there, to show up periodically in the weirdest ways. But, I don’t have a photographic memory, nothing close. People have […]

For Finnish eyes only

Click below the fold….

Britney Spears is fat?

I predicted this is November 1998, yes I did Tony, you remember! Check out chunky Britney dancing.

DDT Myths

I think I’m probably breaking some rule of blogger etiquitte by performing the dreaded fact-check manoeuver on Colby Cosh just after he linked to my other blog. But it always makes me wince when people I respect stake out strong positions where they’re demonstrably wrong on the facts, so I’m afraid I cannot let this […]

Running a windows .exe within linux (gentoo)

Anyone know the best way to get a windows .exe to run within linux? I need to pass and retrieve some variables from a .exe which has an algorithm using the Asterisk pbx system (on the same box). Thanks.

Norwegian Y chromosomal profile

I’ve developed a mild interest in East-West phylogeography in Europe in regards to human populations. In the process I stumbled onto this paper, Geographical heterogeneity of Y-chromosomal lineages in Norway. I’ve put the full PDF in the forum, here. Standard caveat, take this with a grain of salt!!! But, I’ve put some maps below that […]

Hot or not

Diana sent me these links which have photos of the same woman.

Race debate

John Wilkins started a debate on race. I responded here & here. John responds to the response. Interesting discussion threads on Pharyngula, here & here. The Contingency Table adds his 2 cents. You all know about this topic, but I figured you might want pointers to the “discussion.” I’ve stated at least twice that I’m […]

Haldane’s Dilemma: should we worry?

In previous posts and comments I have mentioned Haldane’s Dilemma, and I thought it would be worth looking into the subject more closely. The short answer to the question, ‘Should we worry?’, is ‘No’. But when was I ever satisfied with a short answer? The following is not intended as a casual read but (hopefully) […]

I was wrong about skin color in Europeans and East Asians

In December I posted a hypothesis about skin color evolution in East Asians and Europeans in light of new research which suggested that Europeans were fixed for a particular locus which explained a great deal of the variation between themselves and Africans. The facts are like so: 1) There are probably around 5 loci of […]

Stupidity about religious people

Recently I’ve been saying that it is important to distinguish between what people believe, what they say they believe and what they do. The three do not always integrate well together. One can posit many reasons for this, though I believe some form of cognitive modularity and various social psychological pressures can probably account for […]

In Search of Good Metaphors

When trying to get across the gist of complex technical subjects to a layperson, sometimes a good metaphor can do more pound-for-pound explanatory work than hurling large amounts of jargon-laden details. Fore example, Gary Marcus provides a lucid explanation of gene expression by analogizing each gene to a conditional statement in a software program. Each […]

Drowning disparities – Part II

I made a recent post on male-female drowning disparities in maritime accidents. As the subject generated a whooping 51 comments, let’s follow up that blogging success with a new study on the black-white Drowning Gap: The findings, published in the American Journal of Public Health, not only confirm past research showing that a large number […]

Holy Culture

A week ago I was in a hiphop dance workshop, and the weekend submersion in hiphop culture reminded me of this OSR post on the globalization of hiphop. Today this seems pretty relelvent, witness this lgf posting.But the global appeal of hiphop is not exclusive to Palestinian youth–hiphop culture appeals to marginalized youth everywhere.Where hiphop […]

Feminist != Support for Reproductive Rights

I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised to read that the blogger who runs Pandagon has come out against surrogacy which, in effect, means she’s against gay men being able to have children together because in doing so they would have to involve a woman’s uterus and her argument is that “Surrogacy is the wet […]