Running a windows .exe within linux (gentoo)

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Anyone know the best way to get a windows .exe to run within linux? I need to pass and retrieve some variables from a .exe which has an algorithm using the Asterisk pbx system (on the same box). Thanks.


  1. Only way I know of is with something like WINE, but I have no experience with it so I dunno if it’ll do what you need.

  2. cool, i know about WINE, wuz looking for something less heavy duty.

  3. My experience is that Wine is pretty easy to use. You could also try virtualization with something like Xen or QEMU. I haven’t ever used either of those, but I can’t imagine that they’re easier than Wine.

  4. Recompile.

  5. Xen, Qemu or VMware would be overkill for this, as they would involve installing Windows in the VM (and Xen won’t allow that I believe). 
    Wine (or that Crossover thing) will be the easiest, depending on the installation stuff needed.

  6. install wine. 
    run it with “wine”, then put your .exe to  
    and run it with “wine prg.exe” 
    If it doesn’t work out, you might need some windows libraries that you can install with a package called “winetools”.  
    With these two, you should be able to run something like 30-50% of windows soft on linux. This reall yis the easiest way.