Brit Pic

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Purely out of sociological interest, here is a picture of Britney’s crack. (That got your attention, didn’t it?)


  1. dude, you read dlisted??? shock & awe.

  2. sociological interest? 

  3. Bob Dole will be so disappointed.

  4. I’ll reiterate: she’s hot now that she’s more voluptuous. Matoko — I swear I didn’t know she was pregnant. I’m out of touch w/ these things. But still, look at all that booty — pconroy, back me up here!

  5. Grr! Woof! Make that thing wobble, baby!  
    I have a friend who loves slightly pudgy fair-haired girls. “Spank that soapy ass!” he likes to say, conjuring up images of pink girls in tubs of soapy hot water. Whack — and little soap bubbles go everywhere while the world seems to rock back and forth. Whee! 
    Dlisted: essential reading for evo-bio fans, second only to The Superficial.

  6. She appears to be quite fertile, although regarding her breeding partner I have no comment. 

  7. agnostic, 
    Yes, I see you’ve great taste in women! 
    Seems that you have too… are you familiar with the phrase, when applied to a woman’s derriere: 
    “Pigs fighting under a blanket”

  8. No, but I’ll be remembering it, stealing it, and using it! Thanks.  
    What is it about young guys these days, anyway? They seem to want hard-body chicks who are firm and flawless everywhere. What’s with that? (And where’s the fun in it?) Not that some efforts to stay in shape aren’t appreciated, of course … 
    A similar line that Clive James once came up with, describing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s torso: “walnuts stuffed into a condom.” He phrased it better than that, of course.

  9. duh… I should have said: 
    “TWO pigs fighting under a blanket!”

  10. I have a friend who loves slightly pudgy fair-haired girls. 
    And would this friend’s first name be “Michael”?

  11. Britney’s pretty cute! But I’m not clever enough to come up with a line like “Spank that soapy ass,” darn it.

  12. Hey now, not all of us young guys like them toothpick thing. She was always easy on the eyes, but she does look better with a little more curve. Sort of like how Kelly Clarkson looked better before she lost a bunch of weight, or how Lindsay Lohan was quite fetching before going on the all cocaine diet.

  13. This is the place where Dienekes would point out that Kelly Clarkson’s mother is Greek… since when did she bleach her hair, btw? yuck

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