Hobbit News

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This report is from today’s London Independent. The source is the latest issue of Nature, so there will doubtless be other reports.

Update from Razib: Carl Zimmer and John Hawks have much more.

One point that is really confusing about the Hobbits is their small brain size. Consider the graph to the left. Human (hominids) brains keep getting larger, come rain or shine. The Hobbits, if they truly are what is claimed, radically reversed this trend. Convential explanations of island ecology seem a bit weak when set against this almost inevitable encephalization that seems to have characterized our lineage.


  1. “Pronouncements that H. floresiensis lacked the brain size necessary to make stone artefacts are therefore based on preconceptions rather than evidence,” the researchers say.

  2. Brain size is overrated. Just think what a hummingbird can do with a brain about the size of a grain of rice. OK, it will never write Newton’s Principia or Beethoven’s 9th, but neither will we.

  3. Isn’t Gregory Cockran supposed to come out with a theory about these “hobbits” thats going to knock our socks off?

  4. Yes, could we get an idea of when this announcement is going to take place?

  5. Has everyone forgotten brain mass/body mass?