A penny for your hypothesis

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Below the fold is a map which shows where our Ozzie readers hail from….

So what’s up with Alice Springs? Is it just a nodal point for all the IPs from the great outback? Or are my posts about blonde aboriginals driving this?


  1. “Ozzie”?? 
    “Aussie” I think is the ‘correct slang’.

  2. IIRC, Ozzie refers to East German??

  3. ossie.

  4. Well seeing as how ‘Oz’ is common slang for Australia, and ‘Aussie’ is common slang for Australians, it was only a matter of time before someone combined them, shades of ‘ginormous’.

  5. Maybe GNXP has fans at the Pine Gap military base.

  6. Razib. For shame. 
    Welcome to Charles Darwin University!!!!! 
    Alice Springs Campus.

  7. Yeah, I think it is Pine Gap as well.

  8. The Alice is also the location for the CSIRO Centre for Arid Zone Research
    It’s also a popular location for conferences.

  9. The terms “Oz” and “Oztralian” goes back to the mid ’70s, and the apazine Alarums and Excursions. A&E (as she is affectionately known) had Australian contributors at the time, who quickly became known as rather “adventurous” sorts. As exemplafied by the writing of one Alan E. Brain of A&E Brainstorm (Now Zoe Brain thanks to a spontaneously initiated sex change). Her story of the blue dragon Brillo helped to cement the impression that Aussies are a bunch of bouncing chaots. 
    The Oztralia appelation came about thanks to another Aussie contributor who did up Australia as the Land of Oz. Complete with Munchkin Land, Gillikin Country, and the Emerald City. (Guess where the Emerald City was located? :) ) 
    Over the years A&E has had hundreds of contributors. Most of them college educated, bright, and into computers and science. Many of the leading lights in the RPG business are A&E alumni. Add to that the thousands who read the apazine and you get a lot of cultural influence in the geek and geek derived culture. Though I have no idea if certain tropes and memes have translated to the mundane realm. 
    BTW, Alarums and Excursions is still in print.

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