Free Charlie Rose

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If you’re a pseudo-intellectual such as myself who gets tired of reading all the time but still wants to be able to pretend to be familiar with the great thinkers and major political figures of our time, you may be interested to find that many episodes of Charlie Rose are available for free on Google Video right now.

I have thus far been entertained and educated watching Milton Friedman, Bashar Al-Assad (President of Syria), Salman Rushdie and Deepa Mehta, and Shirin Neshat.


  1. check out E.O. Wilson & James Watson on Charles Darwin

  2. rikurzhen —  
    Great tip!! Just watched (while sorting through and paying bills) the EO Wilson & James Watson interview on Darwin and it was definitely worthwhile.  
    It starts out as largely Darwin hagiography. (Deserved no doubt.) But it ends by touching on, or rather mostly just hinting at, politically incorrect territory. Which last was to my eyes making ol’ Charlie more than a bit uncomfortable… Though that was subtle…. 
    He does end by saying that of the many thousands of interviews he’s done, this is one that he is proudest of…