Swedes are still having sex, and Finns are not

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Well, pretty soon Craig Newmark’s cherubic visage is going to be on Time. Craig’s List is expanding and taking over the world.

So, the numbers of “personals” posted in Sweden’s Craig’s List: 131. Finland? 34. As for the debate about which is the “gay capital of Europe” between partisans of Stockholm & Helsinki:

Men seeking men in Stockholm: 13
Men seeking men in Helsinki: 1 (and I think this is a bisexual individual?)

Are Finns even terrified of the internet? It seems that they are proto-Solarians.

(note, Finland’s total fertility rate is a bit higher than Sweden’s).


  1. All real Finns know that 50 percent of Swedes (100% of the men) are homosexual, and this data should bolster that viewpoint.  
    (Also note that we can infer the Finnish rate of bisexuality from this dataset – 100% of Swedish men being homosexual resulted in 13 ads, while 1 ad represented Finnish bisexuals. Hence, 7,69 percent of Finnish males are bisexual – quite a staggering rate! Take that LaGriffe!)

  2. Finns are obviously not terrified of the Internet. Finnish technology is in fact so advanced that sites planned for primitive countries like the United States can’t compete. The main place for “looking for some no fun, no strings” text advertisement is interactive TV and has been for since, uh, the last millenium; these days all commercial TV channels broadcast only SMS chat shows for the night. There’s no market for the kind of dating methods used in countries that have only crappy cell phone penetration. (In Finland you can’t even get to porn sites without a cell phone.) 
    (The one true scientific source, the annual Durex sex survey, tells that Finns have a lot more sex than Swedes. It also claims that the gayest place in the world is not actually Sweden. It’s Australia, followed close behind by the United States, South Africa, Ireland and New Zealand. After those, the gayest places are Canada, the UK and Iceland. Hmm… is there some pattern here???)

  3. The fact that all swedish men are gay needs some explaining.They are not born gay,it’s the result of learning to speak swedish.Speaking swedish can turn a voice synthesizer gay.Everybody in finland hates the compulsory swedish in school and that’s because they instictively recognise the danger.