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Sliding toward panmictia?

Not quite, but interesting article in the Minnesota Star Tribue. Skip all the sentiment and hand-wringing and just jump to the statistics. Also, this is eye-opening: “By the year 2000, no large U.S. city anywhere other than on the intensely multiracial Pacific Coast had a higher share of multiracial children than Minneapolis.” Of course, the […]

On being your mother’s son

John Hawks and Tara Smith both have posts on a New York Times article describing the role of events during development on health later in life. A recent article pushed for the development of a framework to describe these kind of effects. The basic concept is simple: during development (development in utero), the fetus recieves […]

Gould’s citation record

A comment that crossed my screen via that series of tubes: There is a perception, alluded to in the discussion above, that while Gould was a remarkably adept and influential writer of popular science, his work as a scientist per se was less notable and much less influential/respected. This is not a view universally held, […]

Dick Lamm speaks

I don’t blog much politics anymore because I think most of it is trivial epiphenomena. That being said, I want to point to Dick Lamm’s recent comments. Lamm says that this country is “overdue for a candid dialogue on race and ethnicity.” No shit sherlock! Back in 1996 when Lamm tried to get nominated on […]

Knocking out stimulant reward

I just posted this on my own blog last night and thought I’d cross-post it here, as there have been a few posts lately about neurotransmitters, neurons, and behavior. About a month ago I saw this article about the role of the dopamine transporter in cocaine reward. For those that don’t know, the modified amino […]

Genotype, Recidivism and Indefinite Commitment Laws

This month Nature Reviews:Neuroscience published an opinion piece “Gene-environment interactions in psychiatry: joining forces with neuroscience” by Avshalom Caspi and Terrie E. Moffitt who follow-up on their well-cited 2002 article in Science “Role of genotype in the cycle of violence in maltreated children.” In the opinion piece the authors present a broad overview of the […]

Gonna make you fall in love with…Spines

Never ever let a n* ride if you think he’s gonna slide pop’em in the spine…fo’ the money. – Bone Thugs N Harmony The Genius is dead. Genius Re-post: Your standard neuron in the cortex is called a pyramidal neuron. It generally has on big apical dendrite sticking out the top and a few basilar […]

Sports political donations

For those of you who are, or in my case, were, into professional sports, this site lists their political donations. I was surprised that Joe Theismann or Barry Switzer gave mostly Democrats. Also, the African Americans were more Democratic than I had expected (I’d assumed that their wealth would have worn away their cultural orientation […]

Mendelian epigenetics

A paper in Nature Genetics describes a mutation in a tomato gene that leads to fruits that don’t ripen. This would be an important discovery in itself–the ripening of fruits is certainly an economically interesting trait–but a further twist makes it even more interesting. The twist: the mutation is actually an epimutation. That is, the […]

Reinventing the Wheel

The NYT has an article up about how supposedly malleable IQs are by a professor trying to get more money for early childhood education programs. Aside from the arguments about funding a program that is not that effective , the merits of the NYT article are questionable.Kirp’s argument is based on two studies by the […]

Heredity podcasts

Heredity, the official journal of the Genetics Society, has a podcast.

The end is nigh…for the Flynn Effect

Of course, you knew this, but now so do others. TangoMan Adds: See the related post – Intelligence in UK declining?

PC on the Front Lines of Policing

Steve has already reported on the issues that New Jersey State Police are having with an ever rising number of women and minority applicants who are applying for positions but who are disproportionately failing the background checks, physical exams and written tests. But what happens when some of these applicants do pass the tests? Another […]

An analogy

Allelic introgression between populations:horizontal gene transfer between bacteria. Does it work?

Too Much Time On My Hands

Great juxtaposition of Monty Python storyline with Star Trek clips, but how much time do you think it must have taken to cull through 3 years worth of Star Trek episodes looking for just the right snippets to fit in with the Monty Python sketch? Congratulations to the creators for their imagination and most of […]

What is the soundtrack of our genome?

Okay, this is my first post, and I must admit it has no interesting science news in it. However, I think many on here will find this funny. A few days ago I took a look at Mendel’s Garden #3, and among the featured posts is a discussion of the work of Japanese biologist Susumu […]

It’s hard out here for a vole

I’m sure many here are familiar with the prairie vole – montane vole story regarding mammalian monogamy. Prairie voles are more monogamous than montane voles. The two types have different distributions of Arginine Vasopressin Receptor 1a (avpr1a) expression in the brain. In a Science paper a little over a year ago, Hammock and Young reported […]

Cooperation, Punishment, and Asymmetrical Warfare

I was arguing with Dave Schuler at the Glittering Eye about the concept of a “just war”. Dave argues that hizb’ actions do not comprise a “just” war. I told Dave that there was no such thing as a “just” war. But that is not strictly true. War is a case where individuals sacrifice their […]

Cryptic cultural variation

Over at Sepia Mutiny I learned something new the other day, that not all brown people consider white the color of death! You see, in a review of Parminder Nagra’s TV wedding, a brown American writer stated “I did laugh at the effort to bridge cultures, though, when Nagra’s character got married wearing a white […]


A few Coffee Mug-related things: I made my website less irritating. My album is available via iTunes and CD Baby. I have a gig at the Larimer Lounge in Denver, CO on Saturday Aug. 5th, so if you’re in the area you should come check it out. I’m first at around 2 pm, and I […]