Sports political donations

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For those of you who are, or in my case, were, into professional sports, this site lists their political donations. I was surprised that Joe Theismann or Barry Switzer gave mostly Democrats. Also, the African Americans were more Democratic than I had expected (I’d assumed that their wealth would have worn away their cultural orientation in regards to politics).


  1. “Sports” skew Republican in the way that “Celebrities” skew Democratic. The “Media” category appears to have been picked non-randomly for balance. In states where voter registration is a matter of public record, journalists skew Democratic.

  2. If you look at the amounts it’s interesting to see how much more the owners, commissioners and so on donate than even the wealthiest players. Of course this is partly because those guys have even more money than even the wealthiest players, but I think it also speaks to their need to buy influence.

  3. wealthiest players 
    as kris rock said: players are rich, owners are wealthy :)

  4. Bryan Caplan says that increases in wealth have little effect on political orientation. If politics are mostly about social issues (which apparently used to be the norm and may be again) he might have a point.