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The Golden Rule & Christian altruism, God & conservatism part n… and God & morality are follow ups on the Heather Mac Donald vs. the Right who are religious saga. Heather has received a lot of flack from her political fellow travellers, and though I don’t necessarily agree with every element of Heather’s argument, I do think the Right has moved too far in soaking its arguments with the imprimatur of divine sanction. Ramesh Ponnuru made big noises about how his argument in Party of Death was not religious, but most outside of the Right ignored him because they simply can not conceive of any conservative argument as not having a religious tinge (I think this preconception is false, but, I think it is supported by the close connection between evangelical religious groups and modern conservatism). The Right does not need to turn to Randian godlessness, rather, it should perhaps temper some of its populist evangelicaism so to as spread the tent a bit bigger. (Also, check out Right Reason for responses to some of my posts. Does anyone know how many blogs Steve Burton contributes to? Besides God that is)

Also, two posts on hybridization in the human context. Pictures too.


  1. Only three. One of them very infrequently, and another only as a diarist. 
    I thought your post was worth linking to on all three. 

  2. razib, why do you write these two blogs at all? …wouldn’t it be easier to have just one “Gene Expression”?

  3. razib, why do you write these two blogs at all?  
    …wouldn’t it be easier to have just one “Gene Expression”?
    yes, it would be easier. but 
    1) moving gnxp the group blog to SB isn’t the best in my opinion. i think leaving the group blog here makes it so that everyone has full freedom. some of the ScienceBlogs are group blogs, but i don’t know how they handle remuneration, etc. (probably a split).here we’re just doing it for the love. don’t get concerned that i’m whoring myself out for SB for the $$, it is more like .01 X $. 
    2) which brings me to why i accepted the SB gig: more audience. i am doing anything from 500-1000 uniques over at SB. here we are around 3000, but a large % of these are search engine results (not a bad thing). over at SB they are mostly referrals (some of GNXP itself course!), many from other SBs and from the SB frontpage. a different audience is over there. scientific american has linked to me multiple times. people like brown guacho found me through SB, and now they also check out this blog. the fact is that GNXP is in a blog ghetto, we don’t get “instalaunches,” nor do we want them, we want to grow organically. the SB audience is our target, and the other gene expression is the portal drug :) 
    3) on a practical note, recpicoral linking is excellent to crank up pagerank.