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I was doing a “literature survey” and I stumbled upon Daniella Alonso, the product of a marriage between a Japanese Peruvian father as a Puerto Rican mother (European + African + Amerindian). I am haunted by dreams of synergistic epistasis and Übermensch….


  1. Flavor Flav! 
    ….but hold on, the father is Japanese, and the mother Puerto Rican? Yeah dude! Talk about defying daunting odds. 
    I’m trying to see what about her is Japanese — the hair! That’s the only part of my exterior that’s Japanese: though otherwise nondescript Euro, I’ve got sparse body hair and straight, thick, dark head hair (which if cut short poofs into the Sonic the Hedgehog doo that is common among short-haired East Asian guys). And she looks the same: not a renegade follicle in sight! Granted this could also have come from the Amerindian side.

  2. follow the link. she is a “girl of maxim,” you can further “analyze” her physiognamy.

  3. Outside of being thin (she has a nice face, no doubt) her body begs derivation from japanese. it’s weak 
    btw, i love articles about hybrid vigor … keep’em coming

  4. …not a renegade follicle in sight! 
    That could be due to Photoshop more than anything else. ;)

  5. Interesting, I knew a family from Peru, where the Dad was 100% Northern Italian, with light brown hair and blue eyes, while the Mom was 50% Japanese, 25% Sub-Saharan African and 25% Inca, who looked like a dark mestizo with oriental eyes. Their 3 children looked nothing alike: 
    The eldest, a girl, looked Spanish, thick, straight black hair, oval face, olive complexion and brown eyes. 
    The second, a boy, looked like an anime character, had high cheekbones and blue oriental eyes, and dirty blonde hair, a square face and light complexion. 
    The third, a girl, had a round face, dark brown oriental eyes, light complexion with some freckles, and light frizzy black hair – like a loose afro…

  6. Looks like she could easily be chewing coconuts, whole. She’s got the jaws of a Jabberwock.

  7. Hmm. She looks a bit odd. Pretty manly jaw, huh?

  8. Yep, that jaw would be a fault if the cheekbones didn’t balance it out. The body “morphology” is interesting though, in a not at all unpleasant sort of way ;)

  9. Another possible quad is adult star Eva Angelina (no nudity, but in lingerie… do a Google image search at home). She’s Chinese & Cuban on mom’s side and English & Irish on dad’s.

  10. Why are we restricting our analysis to physiognomy? She may have follicles in some hidden place. Sorry, friends, a closer detailed observation is required.

  11. I’m just too old for Maxim. Too SFW to be much fun.

  12. “I’m with jaim”

  13. Here’s to small world combinations. They bring out the exotic in all of us.

  14. Im tired at the subjects of race and ethnicity. I hope I can fast forward to a thousand years where everyone dont talk about them anymore.  
    I wish that there are no Hispanic celebration days or Irish day or whatever day.