God and British Scientists

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From The God Delusion:

1) 1,074 Fellows of the Royal Society were emailed

2) 23 percent responded

3) They were asked various propositions, such as, “I believe in a personal God, that is one who takes an interest in individuals, hears and answers prayers, is concerned with sin and transgressions, and passes judgement.”

4) They were invited to choose a number from 1 to 7 indicating strong disagreemant to strong agreemant.

5) 3.3% agreed strongly with the statement that a personal god exists (chose 7), while 78.8% strongly disagreed (chose 1).

In the United States the National Academy of Sciences members exhited theism to the tune of 10%.

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  1. Closer questioning would have revealed that a non-negligible proportion of the 3.3% would have identified God as being themselves.

  2. i suppose that’s a very “personal” god indeed….