Asian Nazis

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I just wasted 15 minutes exploring the Uncyclopedia after seeing a referral from the entry on Asian Nazis. A lot of the other stuff is pretty funny too. Check out this snip from the entry on Bangladesh:

Bangladesh holds the world record for the only country which has more people than mosquitos. Mosquitos are the second largest ethnic populace of Bangladesh. The human population is made up of 49% males, 43% females, 6% hermaphrodites and 2% George W. Bush look alikes. The current list of famous Bangladeshis include the pop band The Bangles, the lovable canine actor Benji, [redacted]. Bangladesh hopes to produce another famous person, of an equal calibre, by approximately 2025 AD.


  1. The People’s Republic of Norway (pronounced nowhere by Asians) is one of the last Soviet states…. 
    A couple of the National Obsessions listed for Norway are dead on: 
    Intervening in diplomatic peace efforts in order to boost their ego even when they know they are unwanted; and above all it must never be forgotten that Norway is better than all other countries combined. 
    Also true, about the economy: 
    Norwegians monthly salaries are equivalent to Bill Gate’s fortune, but because of the tax, which is 99%, and that everything costs several times more than any other country, the average Norwegian have less money to spend than an asian child labourer or a chilean citizent [sic]. 
    :)) (Maybe you just have to be here….)

  2. The entry for Israel has this warning:ISRAELATED WARNING! 
    This page is Israel-Related. Make sure to leave angry and antisemitic remarks on its talk page.

  3. Theresa, “Norwegian prices” jokes are also well understood in Finland, even if they’re nowhere near the popularity of “gay Swede” jokes. The truth is even funnier than fiction – some tiny towns in northern Finland are now getting a huge boost to the local economy from Norwegians who drive huge distances to buy booze at Finnish prices (although you perhaps do have to live in Finland to understand why it’s so incredibly hilarious that someone is coming to buy booze at Finnish prices). 
    You also don’t have to be Norwegian to suffer from Sri Lankan “evil homo Nazi liberal Norwegian peace imperialists!!!” spam… 
    And Uncyclopedia should be banned! It’s worse than any other drug I’ve tried! Even a Wikipedia addiction would be at least somewhat educational, but this site is just pure evil.

  4. I prefer Encyclopedia Dramatica, e.g. the entry for Israel begins: 
    This article is about Jews, therefore you will find that the editors for this article are primarily of Jewish descent. But don’t worry, they do not have a POV. 
    But nothing for Bangladesh.

  5. On the Israel Unclo; 
    Anthem: Iron Lion Zion 
    That one made me laugh!

  6. It’s good that stuff like this is legal somewhere. Where I live it definitely isn’t. That’s bad – even though most of it doesn’t particularly humor me.

  7. Wow, this stuff is brilliant. (My favorite after a few minutes is this picture and caption, to the right).

  8. They answered a burning GNXP question, too. Right here.