PhD scientist or fourth-grader?

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The paper describing the sequence and analysis of the dog genome ends thusly:

For millennia, dogs have accompanied humans on their travels. It is only fitting that the dog should also be a valued companion on our journeys of scientific discovery.

The lamest line in a scientific paper ever?


  1. for comparison 
    I Love Dogs by 74 
    I love dogs in the mornings 
    I even like them at night 
    when they snuggle and they cuddle. 
    They have little wet noses and cute little eyes 
    everybody loves them people would die just for one 
    Dogs need food and water dogs need lots of love 
    they can not eat chocolate not one bite. 
    They love you really love you they love you more then this. 
    that pat on the shoulder and that and a good night kiss. 
    Good night little doggie good night I said I will see you in the morning 
    so go to bed!!!

  2. It is such great persons who have made the past full of history!

  3. ahahaha…that poem rocks!

  4. “lame” is too weak: “puke-provoking” seems to be about the size of it.

  5. It’s been my experience that perfectly rational and well-balanced people — like journalists, scientists, and politicians — become totally fatuous when dealing with dogs. The jokes, the baby-names, the tropes of true love come tumbling out of the closet. 
    Prairie Mary

  6. The lamest line in a scientific paper ever? 
    Only to a person that likes cats.