Happy Thanksgiving!

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Drunk thugz? Apparently Asians have the market on violin playing in Europe too….


  1. How many Asians you’re seeing there? Or are you just Finn-baiting again? 
    BTW the rapper is running for parliament… in the rural right-wing party. This is almost as funny as the celebrity widely known for being crowned “Prince of Ghana” running in the anti-foreigner, anti-refugee, anti-foreign-aid True Finns party, although not nearly as funny as the pre-election scandals (the best so far: the guy who was in charge of the main conservative party’s campaign is now permanently out because of a police investigation on whether he has been pimping his wife).

  2. 1) wtf country lets a 12 year old run for political office??? 
    2) finn baiting? it’s been too long, and it’s WAY too easy. you mongrels have had a fallow period, back on your heels bitches 
    3) check the photo below the fold. if she’s not asian, what’s up with all the japanese speaking finns in tokyo?

  3. 1) He’s 19. Not even the would-be-voters are 12, self-respecting 12-year-olds consider themselves too old for his music. Last time I asked a 12-year-old, he said that the most popular band is a certain bad Manowar clone. Of course, you’re so infantile that if you were Finnish, you’d probably still be watching their videos: 
    Of course, music *can* get you to the parliament, but there’s an IQ check first (you have to be smart enough to realize that you need an audience old enough to vote). Here’s the most popular and most annoying song by the latest person to actually jump from music into the parliament: 
    3) She looks so super-Finnish that if I ran into her in Tokyo I’d probably try at least Finnish and Swedish before English. 
    And Finland is the classical music superpower of the world. Read your own damn media! 

  4. Garbage. Never have to wait long for humanity to sink further. 
    Also, the strings sound synthesized. If they aren’t, then the players are doing their best to make it sound so.

  5. Garbage. Never have to wait long for humanity to sink further. 
    He’s singing “we are the youth, we are the future”… he’s demanding parental tolerance for all kinds of youth out there, those who drink clandestine alcohol (popular with some teenagers who can’t buy legal stuff) and give the finger to the cops, those kids who smoke during recess and so on. The young can’t help it, you see. 
    Funny how everyone thinks it’s really cute how ridiculously popular this is among 10-year-olds, but if it were imported American stuff with the same lyrics, every parent out there would be screaming about how this degeneracy must be banned. 
    And yeah, if those sound like real strings to someone, that someone would probably also believe without hesitation that the guy is actually Elvis…

  6. She looks like a Bjork’s sister. She is not asian. OMG.

  7. Speaking of Asians playing violins, an Irish-American friend of mine went to Ireland for the first time just recently and went to an Irish Traditional Music session at a local pub in Wexford, and the music was very good and traditional Irish and all that – violin(s), tin-whistle, bodhran, button-accordion etc. – except all the 6 performers in the band were Korean immigrants???!!!