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I’ve received a half dozen complaints about the slowness of the site due to the technorati widget, so I’ve removed it for now. I see an improvement in load time. Yay or nay?

Also, to the right you should see an RSS feed logo from feedburner. I’ve always had a feed, with a small link provided, but I figured that regular readers should really be encouraged to use this. Of course, the RSS won’t tell you which comment threads are hopping, but in terms of maximizing time utilization I think it’s a good move. You can always bookmark the Haloscan thread of interest (speaking of which, anyone know a better offsite comment service? I don’t like onsite comments because they are liable to take a site down because of repeated hits).

Finally, for those of you down with RSS, I highly recommend adding a few Google News queries to your feeds. For instance, I have genetics & evolution always updating in Google Reader (which has some downsides, but I like the total integration with my google home page). You can see the RSS links to the bottom left. The PLOS network also has an excellent set of feeds (page down) so you don’t need to keep checking on their site for new articles (other journals have them too, but I don’t find them as user friendly or value added).

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  1. Much faster now, thanks.

  2. Does seem faster. 
    Re using a different comment facility, some thoughts. 
    The one you have seems to work pretty well, at least when it remembers screen names. When it doesn’t, I sometimes end up posting as anonymous and then having to identify myself in a subsequent post. 
    I personally would like to be able to go back and edit my own posts (no one else’s obviously) after they’ve been submitted. I would rarely or never delete one (which can mess up the conversation when people respond) and wouldn’t change the meaning, just sometimes clean up especially jumbled language that I’ve posted. Somehow the mess seems to jump out at me immediately if I read something I’ve whacked out a few minutes or longer afterwards. Not that I’d bother to do that all the time or for small messes most of the time.  
    Finally, from what I can tell the comments on your site can’t be googled, unlike the posts obviously. I rather like that. Although I use a screen name I use the same one for lots of places and not being google searchable here on this often edgie site (or site which often commits abominable think crime from a dogmatically lefty point of view) cuts down on ease of witchhunt somewhat. Regular readers are a different matter which is fine. The truly committed witchhunter can become regular readers for awhile as well, but c’est la vie.

  3. yeah…the main issue i bring up comments is haloscan goes down a lot. that slows the site down…some people want better integration. re: re-editing, there is a philosophical problem with this: people can change what they posted and so make the thread disjointed. that’s why david box. added the ‘preview’ feature….

  4. Yay. A lot faster.