Arthur Schlesinger dies at 89

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Arthur Schlesinger dies at 89.



  1. Trivia question: which two of Schlesinger’s 10 Greatest People of the Millennium (the second millennium AD that is) were born on the same day of the same year? Hints in the next post.

  2. Hints to trivia: one is American, the other is perhaps the most beloved scientist to GNXP writers.

  3. Answer figure-outable at the below link, and sorry, it was “Most Influential” not “Greatest.” 

  4. You mean razib was born on the same day as Cavalli-Sforza? 
    Cool :) 
    But he seems so much younger.

  5. De mortuis nil nisi bonum, I know. 
    But Schlesinger was one of the great shills of the century, a parasite on the ass of power. Clyde Wilson has him pegged.

  6. Ooh! Ooh! Mr. Kotter! (said like Arnold Horshack). It’s Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin.