But don’t they all look alike?

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A face you can trust?:

The Intopii computer firm of Helsinki, Finland, announced in February that it has installed software to help voters find candidates who look like them. Intopii is basing this idea on studies that suggest Finnish voters tend to select candidates who most resemble themselves….



  1. Conan O’Brien?

  2. Yep.

  3. On the other hand, do note that Pamela Anderson is of finnish extraction. Just saying.

  4. Bad baiting. We didn’t have this magnificent technology when Halonen was elected, it only appeared in time for the parliamentary elections two weeks ago. (Hey, this time the guy who ran against Halonen in the presidential election got the biggest landslide ever. Coincidence?) 
    Me, I’ve been feeling suicidal ever since that page gave me a full list of lookalikes FROM THE CHRISTIAN PARTY. (At least I can comfort myself with foreign technology. MyHeritage told me that I look like Aishwarya Rai.) 
    BTW the page is still working and at the bottom they are showing the candidates who passed that supposedly look most like the photos sent there: