Hitch on Drugs

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Via Drug WarRant, Hitchens is playin’ my tune lately:

An excerpt from his 21 Solutions to Save the World:

The largest single change for the better in U.S. foreign policy, and one that could be accomplished simply by an act of political will, would be the abandonment of the socalled War on Drugs. This last relic of the Nixon era has long been a laughingstock within the borders of the United States itself (where narcotics are freely available to anybody who wants them and where the only guarantee is that all the money goes straight into criminal hands). But the same diminishing returns are now having a deplorable effect on America’s international efforts.



  1. It is a bit bizarre that the opium poppy crops are being destroyed in Afghanistan while there is a world shortage of heroine for medicinal purposes. I know heroine admistered for medical purposes is not legal in the USA, but it is in the UK. Buying the opium from the Afghan poppy farmers for legal purposes would seem to be a win-win situation. Actually, win-win-win-win because the people who really need heroine for pain relief would be able to get it, and the farmers being able to sell it legally would keep it out of the hands of illegal drug traffickers.

  2. There are stronger synthetic opiates than heron.