Who’s the daddy? Evolution says both!

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Who’s Your Daddy? Paternity Battle Between Brothers (who are identical twins). Pretty bizarre story.



  1. The result of the test has not only brought to light the limits of DNA evidence….. 
    That strikes me as one of the stupidest sentences (clauses) ever written.

  2. Cell lines accumulate DNA mutations during development. Look at all the differences between the two brother’s DNA samples. A few of those differences should also be present in the child and will indicate the father.  
    Make both brothers pay full child support and put half the money in an investment account. When sequencing has become cheap, determine the father and give the other brother his accumulated investment.

  3. fly, yeah, i was thinking something similar, though it would be only relevant if the mutations were in the lineage that led up to sperm, right?

  4. z, yes. massive resequencing is too expensive for this case. 
    if there are any solid mutational hot spots, you might find a distinguishing feature if you sequence enough of them.