Sam Brownback & evolution

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Sam Brownback offers a cryptic op-ed in regards to his attitude toward evolution (he, one of the three Republican candidates for president who raised their hand when Chris Matthews asked if any of them do not believe in the theory of evolution). As they say, read the whole thing, Brownback is definitely a politician. He seems to have believed that Chris Matthews asked if any of the candidates rejected scientific materialism. Nary a word about common descent in the op-ed, the typical genuflections toward microevolution, and a peculiar objection to both “determinism” and “chance.”


One Comments

  1. I analyze at length Brownback’s statements in my blog,, and will not attempt to repeat here what I say there. As a corollary to this analysis, I will be writing a series of articles for the Benicia Herald, found at in which Bob the Bird, who is really pissed that some are trying to cut him off from his rightful heritage, the dinosaurs, will have much to say. The first in the series is now available.