Living Neandertals?

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On my other weblog I posted about research which suggests Neandertal-human cohabitation in France. A reader pointed me to the visual proof of the hybridization event.



  1. Heh. On some other forums, if you posted a picture of a rugby player – no matter what point you were trying to illustrate – the thread would turn into a tirade of how rugby players are wimps and sissies compared to football players, about how if you suited up the biggest, toughest rugby player you could find and have him play in a football game he’d be taken off in a coffin within five minutes, and so on.

  2. I like this pic of Sebastien Chabal, as I think he looks even more Neanderthal?!

  3. that link should be:$plit/C_58_playerprofile_5009_playerimage.jpg

  4. That would rock if the French are who Greg has in mind — the most civilized country in the world is the last place you’d naively look for Neanderthals. Maybe that’s why “you’ll never guess.” We’ll see.

  5. If you think the French are civilized, you’ve never seen the way they play rugby.

  6. Dad?

  7. This post is racist.  
    Sorry. Someone had to say it. :-)

  8. Well, in that case, Jesus too? 
    This “scientific reconstructed” image is from “Jesus: The Complete Story” from the Discovery Channel.

  9. Speaking of the French, how about Gerard Depardieu?

  10. Ha ha. All those Euro-sportsmen use performance enhancers that make their brow ridges explode on their faces.

  11. ireland vill slaughter these dogs in the world cup; it is a mathematical certainty, ve are simply more civilized and intelligent

  12. LOL 
    I have no time for footballers but I think Razib was a bit unkind characterizing one as a Neanderthal