Myanmar/Burma links

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I don’t follow the non-science news very closely. I’m curious about what’s going on in Myanmar/Burma, if you have an interesting link, drop it in the comment box. Thanks.



  1. You can check Global Voices Online’s coverage of Myanmar Blogosphere for alternate views. 

  2. tx.

  3. Pictures are worth a thousand words…

  4. The BBC has had a couple of radio programmes on Burma: Profile (15 mins) on the Generals who run the country, and Burma: the road to crisis (30mins) on the history of the country. (Although, it appears this link still points to the previous week’s programme on Christains in Eritrea.)

  5. Google Video has a number of documentaries on the situation in Burma. You won’t get much on the current protests, but there is a lot of information on the history, the pro-democracy movement and human rights.

  6. Pictures are worth a thousand words, indeed. 
    If you haven’t seen this Pulitzer-worthy picture by now, you must. It’s the extraordinary photo of a Japanese photographer stubbornly clinging to his camera before a Burmese soldier shoots him dead. He was already shot once, but he’s still pointing his camera at the soldier even as he lays wounded on the ground. Shortly after the picture is taken, the soldier will proceed to shoot him another ten times until he is killed. 
    I say it’s as historical a photo as “The Saigon Execution” and the like. 
    You can read the complete story here: 

    Stallone turns documentary maker – who would have thought.