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Nature: Watson “damage[d] science itself”

Nature has weighed in on the Watson imbroglio with a ponderously written editorial, accusing him of “lending succor and comfort to racists around the globe”. It concludes: Many human geneticists are engaged in the sensitive task of unravelling differences between the world’s population groups, all the while acknowledging that ‘race’ is an emotive and unscientific […]

How to build a black dog

I’ve mentioned the emergence of the dog as a model organism in genetics– the resources available now have made all sorts of questions easy (well, not easy, but comparatively easy) to answer. One such question: what makes certain breeds of dog black? The answer is now available online at Science: a small deletion in a […]

Four Stone Hearth #26

Four Stone Hearth #26.

Francis Galton and ‘Genophilia’

I recently came across the term ‘genophilia‘, meaning something like ‘instinctive attachment to family and tribe’. It appears to be quite a buzz-word among the usual suspects. I was interested to see that the origin of the term was ascribed to Francis Galton. I am reasonably familiar with Galton’s works, but I did not recall […]