Battery not charging….

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OK, so the readers of this blog really helped the last time I had a tech issue, it was the Shift key sticking (actually, the problem is the left Shift key, hitting the right Shift key gets me out of the problem every time!). So now I have another issue…my AC adapter for my notebook had problems (the wires were torn up and it was sporadic in generating a current to power up the laptop). I ordered a new one, and it works great. But one problem: now the battery won’t charge. When I plugged in the old adapter the battery did charge (I can get that adapter to work by tweaking with it A LOT), and then the new adapter charged the battery after I swapped it in. But that was a one off. Any thoughts? I doubt there’s a problem with my battery since it happened only today when I got the new adapter. I don’t see anything weird in the Power Options in the Control Panel. Specs below the fold if you are curious for my computer and adapter….

My laptop is a Compaq Presario v5000.

75W AC Adapter
Hi Capacity Power Product
Model: EA10722
AC Input: 100-240V – 2.0A
DC Output: 15-24V – 4.3 A

I bought this from an online vendor and this was specifically marketed as compatible with the v5000 Presario.


  1. I had this issue with a laptop recently. It would run on the battery charge and refused to use power from the adapter. I don’t know if your problem has the same cause as mine, but it can’t hurt to try: 
    Look into the system tray on the lower right corner of the screen, there should be either be a battery or a power plug icon there. Right-click on those and see if you are offered an option to charge the battery, or to switch to an external power source, i.e. power via the adapter. In the latter case, the laptop should run from there and the battery charge (provided it really is the same problem as mine).

  2. Get yourself new batteries. The ones you have got are “addicted” – they have the charge setpoint restored to the small amounts of charge they used to get from the torn up wires of your old AC adapter. The constant on-off current switching unables the batteries to be fully charged, specially the old models.

  3. My PC keeps giving me a pop up saying 
    Warning! Potential spyware operation! 
    Your computer is making unorthorized copies of your system and internet files. Run full scan to prevent any unorthorised access to your files! Click yes to download spyware remover… 
    any advice?

  4. Have you been to Scienceblogs today? I got this same effect at Respectful Insolence, and there are at last count 5 people complaining of the same in Pharyngula’s thread about Curry. You didn’t download a .exe, did you?

  5. STJ: 
    I suspect that your PC has been infected with malware designed to sell a malware removal product or else to load some other nasty software on your system.  
    If you have not done so, please install and run a complete scan using your antivirus software. Then run a spyware/malware removal product. (Spybot Search & Destroy is available for free or Ad-aware has a crippled, but free version.)