Blood group maps

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A, B and O below the fold so you can compare. Source.



  1. The article notes, but not the graphics themselves, note that this refers to native populations. I was awfully puzzled about how North America could be so different from Europe until I clicked through.

  2. The moral, according to the author you link, is that ‘race’ is not so readily characterized and isn’t necessarily what skin color and cultural tradition would suggest. Do you have a competing or complementary interpretation?

  3. Dylan, that ought surely to be “indigenous”?

  4. Do you have a competing or complementary interpretation? 

  5. razib – I wasn’t trying to be arch. At a glance, the maps look consistent with an Out of Africa migration model. The colors line up pretty neatly with the lines on this map: 
    But I’m a layman, I don’t know the specifics of blood-group heritability and the dude closes with with some counterintuitive stuff about race being a cultural construction. 
    Is my at-a-glance reading correct?