Heights of female adult film stars: Perfectly average

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As a follow-up on a previous post about the heights of female sex symbols picked from the pool of celebrities, which found that they’re about 1/2 SD above-average, let’s now look at how tall adult film stars are. They’re worth examining since they are chosen almost exclusively based on how attractive they are to the average male consumer, not how elegant or confident they appear. The website of the modeling agency that hosts the more elite stars — LA Direct Models (NSFW) — has height data for all but a couple of their members. If anything, these data are probably biased toward taller height since everyone lies in the upward direction.

Here is the frequency distribution of this sample of 121:

The mean is 64.5 in., the SD is 2.6 in., and the skewness is 0.24, which indicates it is weakly positively skewed (more of the points are bunch around the lower end). In a representative sample of the general population (see this PDF, p.10), females aged 20-29 have a mean height of 64.1 in. Because the adult film star sample could easily by biased by a half-inch, and because the means are close enough anyway, I won’t bother running a t-test. If you really want to, feel free to post it in the comments, but it’s clear that the adult film stars are not taller or shorter than the population at large.

Because the females are chosen only based on how physically attractive they are, this result goes against the hypothesis that long legs are in general physically attractive to men (although some men may find them sexy). There is another, non-physical reason why tall women may be preferred as mates, which I’ll post about soon.

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  1. How tall are you, asked the nurse. Six two and a half, I said. Oh no, she said, you’re much taller than that. No, I said, it’s just that I’m the only man you’ve ever met who’s six two and a half and doesn’t lie about it.

  2. The one-sample t-test would be t(120) = (64.5 – 64.1)/(2.6/sqrt(121)) = 1.69. This is only significant if you were conducting a 1-tailed test.

  3. I’m guessing that male A/V stars are way about average in one body measurement … but it isn’t their height :-) 
    You guys amaze me how you can turn your porn-watching into something that looks like an experiment.

  4. How about this: 
    Mainstream female sex stars (esp. in this age of readily available hard core and other porn addressing other fantasy needs) = fantasy trophy wife. Tallness aids in the impressing and even intimidation of other men (look what you could get and they can’t), which is all good in a trophy wife. 
    Female porn stars = fantasy abandoned sluts, where the most important thing is how much the eager male believes she can be utterly sexually overwhelmed by the big dicked fantasy surrogate stand in. She’s just or at least overwhelmingly for the bedroom or other f*ck location, and looking intimidating, as opposed to succulent and pretty easy, is not a plus. Hence height ain’t a plus, whereas big and even esp. fake tits (she’s trying really hard) most definitely are. 
    Any takers?

  5. You guys amaze me how you can turn your porn-watching into something that looks like an experiment. 
    For the record, I had all images on my browser turned off when I collected the data, since otherwise it would’ve taken forever to keep clicking from the main list to the individual info.  
    Doug — Yeah, like the post above argues, height in females is more for intimidation or broadcasting status, not for raw physical attractiveness.

  6. I know their cinematic value is a close approximation of zero, but adult movies still use some film techniques to emphasize/de-emphasize features of the participants. (Different but related: seeing a soccer match live, the field looks much smaller than on tv.) 
    It’s not terribly surprising to think that the distribution of attractiveness in features that aren’t the legs would be distributed normally.

  7. don’t porn movies make chix wear high heels? that’s what i hear.

  8. The linked-to PDF shows “mean” heights for U.S. population. Median heights would be more useful. A single midget can lower the “mean” with respect to a lot of normal people.