New kind of diavlog

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The other day I was wondering whatever happened to A New Kind of Science. Well, Stephen Wolfrom is on the latest


  1. Haven’t read it, but Wolfram seems to have had the same editor as Gould. 1000-pp.-plus.  
    There are over 300 Amazon reviews, with 80 fives, 101 ones, and 146 in between (only 40 twos). I’ve never seen such an array, tending toward love hate but with more hate than love. 
    People might enjoy one of the ones (here complete): 
    Anyone interested in finding out about the real nature of biological diversity should read ” The Structure of Evolutionary Theory” by Stephen Jay Gould. 
    hat oughta make y’all love Wolfram, right?

  2. My review of A NEW KIND OF SCIENCE appeared in the print edition of National Review in 2002. It’s archived here