Snorg Tees Girl

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A story about Alice Fraasa the Snorg Tees girl. I’ve been bombarded on The New York Times website with the ads all week and I clicked. I assume that it has ads all the time, but hell if I could tell you what they were about, I don’t notice them. Until this week. Other people must have clicked too, the Snorg Tees link was down. Assume this is a new ad buy and their network engineers weren’t ready for the increase in traffic….


  1. LOL.

  2. total cutie

  3. The brothers who launched the company 3 1/2 years ago credit much of its success to Fraasa, who?s paid in free T-shirts. 
    Translation: She is getting seriously and openly ripped off. 
    Fraasa, a 19-year-old sophomore at Auburn University… After nearly four years as an anonymous face on the Web, Fraasa is used to getting cockeyed glances of half recognition 
    Translation: Snorg’s success as a brand is owed mostly to a 15-year-old’s boobs.

  4. Translation: Snorg’s success as a brand is owed mostly to a 15-year-old’s boobs. 
    They could’ve gotten boobs from anywhere. If they picked a young girl in particular, it’s because of her “I don’t care if I’m silly” personality that shows in her facial expressions, without looking forced. That’s something they would have difficulty finding in a girl 10 years older. 
    I think they were going for a “cute” image, and silliness is cute, instead of a “sexy” image that would’ve focused on her boobs.

  5. I wonder if on-line marketing will totally destroy the modeling industry. That, plus the insatiable desire of fashion editrixes to put actresses, not models, on the cover of their mags.

  6. American Apparel is doing a great job of destroying the appeal of both professional models and actresses for fashion ads.