A good drink

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  1. It is a mistake, you have posted a map of white people distribution in the US…ohh ok I understand.

  2. People who live South don’t make beer, because they have access to real drinks like wine and whiskey! (joking, joking… well, to a point :) ) 
    Anyone has an explanation for the contrast between North Dakota and Montana?

  3. Razib, 
    What program are using for that graphic?

  4. … are you using…

  5. It looks most similar to the Census map of English ancestry. Utah is the exception for obvious reasons. I first guessed German, but that didn’t match well.

  6. Hmm, the link worked in the preview, but not in the posted comment. Here is the same link in tinyurl.

  7. North Dakota and Montana 
    My first guess was that the legal climate was different between these states, but looking around on the web (http://www.beertown.org/homebrewing/legal.html for example) I don’t see any evidence for that idea – there are different laws from state to state but it sure doesn’t look like the law in ND is particularly restrictive. 
    The second thing that comes to mind is that if you’re looking at states with population less than one million, it doesn’t take much to change from ’0-2 per million’ to ’20+’. An active homebrew club in Billings would be enough to change the stats. Measurement error also seems likely – I don’t see how these numbers were arrived at, but safe to guess they didn’t ask everyone everywhere whether they were craft brewers or not.

  8. Well, that would make sense if you believe in the whole “folkways-surviving-in-the-New-World” hypothesis. The flatter, fertile parts of England are still the heartland of traditional small-scale ale brewing in the UK. The Scots-Irish prefer whisky/whiskey and Germans mainly drink lager of a style readily available in cans. African Americans had any Old World alcoholic patrimony knocked out of them under slavery.

  9. Montana has scenery, and a lot of Hollywood-type transplants.

  10. Beer snobs on the west coast congregate in Oregon. Who knew? My only question is what is going on with Montana?

  11. My only question is what is going on with Montana? 
    missoula i would bet. 
    epigone, i find it on wikipedia. you recommed any programs?

  12. Oregon, Vermont, Maine: Yuppies with sort of countryish streak. 
    Montana, Wyoming, Colorado: probably the same, following the scenery. Montana and Wyoming have almost no population, so a few breweries show up big. 
    Wisconsin: Yuppies in Madison, and Wisconsin has always had lots of breweries. As I understand, some sstruggling small traditional breweries converted to craft breweries.

  13. Montana and Wyoming 
    jacksonhole in wyoming?

  14. African Americans had any Old World alcoholic patrimony knocked out of them under slavery. 
    It would be interesting to know why cognac (“yak”) is so popular among blacks today.

  15. Cognac is big in Hong Kong, where they tend to chug it.  
    Brandy is big in Wisconsin. 
    I think that brandy and cognac are perfect to fit niches. Distinctive but not too distinctive.

  16. Was, John, was. That article is 15 years out of date. Hong Kong has switched to drinking red wine in a big way.

  17. Might I just inquire politely why the legend reads “0 > 2″ (and so on)? 
    Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper started as an oil geologist but when that industry tanked in the 1980s he started a very successful brew pub. He did so well he attracted lots of imitators. And then there’s Coors, so plenty of local pride tied into beer.

  18. Audacious Epigone: What program are using for that graphic?Wikipedia.

  19. Ah. No, I usually use Many Eyes, but I’m looking for a better program.