Web-based Collaboration Software

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  1. Clocking IT ( http://www.clockingit.com ) is wonderful for project-based work. And it’s free!

  2. Google Docs, of course.

  3. For project work, Central Desktop is by far the best I’ve seen (good in the way of an iPhone — design decisions were just done right). Very responsive staff, multiple accolades, and don’t try to force you into their way of thinking like 37 signals.

  4. Google Docs is all kinds of awesome. 
    Lots of people like 37Signals’ Basecamp too, but I’m less enamored with it – if you don’t want to use it exactly as they intended, you’ll grow frustrated with it pretty quickly, IMO.

  5. tx. you know i never thought about google docs for some reason.

  6. Socialtext?

  7. SocialPoint by SocialText is worth investigating.