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Something new in my RSS over the past few weeks, PhDiva. Feel free to mention blogs of note or that you find interesting (or your own blog) in the comments….


  1. Historians are different today… 
    Am I a freak to think this is freaky? :)

  2. a little more compact in exposition than arnold toynbee i assume you mean….

  3. Blistering review:  
    I’m not qualified enough to judge the fights historical…

  4. ah, more like toynbee than i’d have thought.

  5. Kinowear has some excellent and well-researched articles on male fashion. 
    This virtual stock exchange is good fun too, maybe read this book first.

  6. Kinowear has some excellent and well-researched articles on male fashion. 
    but we already have assman…. :-)

  7. That guy’s about where I was 5 years ago, so nothing personal, but it’s a bit too competitive. What I mean is, there are two aspects of sexual selection: courtship of opposite-sex mates and same-sex competition. 
    Nowadays, as long as you don’t look like a complete schlub, girls don’t care how put-together you look. It may enhance your appeal, but it’s not worth it when you think of how else you could be spending your time, money, and effort. 
    However, if done right, it’ll make you feel more confident, allow you to push other guys around more (you have to dress in a powerful rather than fashionable way, though), and make people act more subserviently toward you in public. The effects of these changes will make you more attractive to girls — so it’s indirect. 
    But that website, and many others like it, fall victim to the male tendency to get too lost in competing with other guys. Guys who work 100-hour weeks to get girls, or who obsess over which car to get and how exactly to trick it out, or whatever other silly things guys compete over. Clothing and style included. 
    You’re probably already spending most of your day competing with other guys on the job — your free time should be spent mostly around girls, in courtship mode (even if it’s just flirting with your friends for good practice), and not on an after-hours shift of competing with guys over sports trivia, cars, clothing, bla bla bla.

  8. The hair should have been a tip-off.