Clever Monkeys

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I thought I knew a fair amount about monkeys already, but a BBC wildlife documentary last night still had some surprises for me. The documentary is ouststanding even by the BBC’s usual standards for this kind of thing. I dare say it will be broadcast in most countries sooner or later, but meanwhile it can be seen online here (iplayer or equivalent required).


  1. I’m probably more inclined to credulity when it comes to examples of animal intelligence or “ingenuity,” having worked with some variety many years ago. I’ve seen an adult peregrine falcon, captured just the previous day and “full of piss’n'vinegar,” become instantly nearly tame and almost “affectionate” (but only to me) after being protected from an attack by a large housecat. I’ve seen a collared lizard that could be allowed to run free but would come immediately when its owner (a young girl) called or whistled for it. 
    But the strangest example I’ve ever seen was the  
    work of a pair of Galapagos tortoises that we had at the Black Hills Reptile Gardens (Rapid City, S.D.) when I worked there in 1953-4. I haven’t the time at the moment to tell the story–will try to come back and relate it later.

  2. Only available online in the UK for the moment …