IE CSS issue

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Some people have pointed out a major problem with the rendering of this website on IE. I think I fixed the stylesheet issue. Since the site was fine in IE until recently I’m pretty sure it was a Microsoft update of some sort. If you notice anything similar with IE, just email me. I only use IE for Netflix. This only applies to IE 7.


  1. Unrelated — but when are we going to see a post on Gladwell’s new book? Seems very related to the peeps here.

  2. jor, post stuff like that to the open thread from now on (look to the right on the front page). fwiw, i generally won’t talk about something i haven’t read, and i don’t know if i’ll get to gladwell’s book.

  3. Thanks much for the fix. I don’t pay attention to the details of automatic updates but have noticed that MS has been patching IE for security issues.

  4. Thanks Razib. Looks fine now. I have fixes turned off on my machines, so mybe it was something at your end.

  5. Much of your post is missing on my screen, being overlayed by the Column of Grey.

  6. Razib, 
    I think IE users are losing the rightmost 20% or so of posts again.

  7. ok, i’ll look into it. traveling now. will check when i’m home.

  8. I’ve found that on IE while the right-side is cutoff on the home page it reads ok if you click on the permalink.