Reader Survey

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It’s been a while since I did a reader survey, so I posted 15 questions here. I’ll put up a csv file with the results in a week.


  1. How did I find your weblog?  
    Instapundit -> Godless Capitalist’s weblog on blogspot.  
    Godless Capitalist -> Razib Khan’s (old independent) weblog.  
    Then, there was a merger and gnxp was born.

  2. ancient of days….

  3. How did I find your weblog? No idea, but I do hope that it was because someone was preaching hate against it.

  4. Wow, there was a Singularity post in it. I answered that I didn’t know whether there’re be one. IF you wish to keep the results secret until one wk later, I ‘d suggest you don’t post what I write.

  5. i have no need to keep it secret. we used to talk about transhumanism & what not more in the days of yore.

  6. Ted Kaczynski(likely to be unhappy learning about Ray Kurzweil while incarcerated)& Bill Joy(cofounder of Sun Microsystems) are both pessimistic about the so-called Singularity. Read Kaczynski’s Industrial Society Its Future and Ship of Fools Both feel that the Singularity will happen but are pessimistic, especially the former one. Ray Kurzweil OTOH is bright-eyed optimistic about it, not cautious enough the existential risks, I think. One of the paths to it imo, is nanobiotech, a topic relevant to and worthy of discussion in this forum.

  7. Presumably the singularity will be engineered by Microsoft too, right? But we’ll get the alpha version, because who else could get it? I’m not looking forward to this.

  8. Singularly Silly Singularity is a nice read. PZ Meyer an associate professor in Biology is well-qualified to comment on biotechnology.