The Deep Web

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Exploring a ‘Deep Web’ That Google Can’t Grasp. I remember when I first encountered Google, right after reading this article in Salon. Not to put a fine point on it, I was tired of search engines that returned a list of porn stars when I was trying to look up the black conservative “Shelby Steele.” Obviously Google changed that, the search experience become so quantitatively different than it was qualitatively different. There was the pre-Google web, and the post-Google web. In any case, I’ve been hearing stuff about the “Deep/Dark Web” for years now. Hopefully someone will figure this out. There was a time when you’d play around with a few search engines as well as a directory like Yahoo to find some information. Google was such an improvement that it introduced one-stop searching, making MetaCrawler irrelevant. If some of these Deep Web technologies pan out, perhaps we can do away with Orbitz too.


  1. Dear Razib, 
    The Internet Search Environment Number is an emerging “deep” or “invisible” web standard that has a patent pending published in 2006. What is unique about our solution is the use of a URI and robust metadata cataloging each resource. If you’d like, review the information at and and feel free to ask open questions.  
    Thanks + Kind Regards, 
    Matthew Theobald 
    Founder + President 
    Internous LLC

  2. Well if you’re looking for People on the web, then there is a “Deep Web” search available, namely: