Those Antarctic bacteria

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Check out Ed Yong’s post on A Contemporary Microbially Maintained Subglacial Ferrous “Ocean”.


  1. I love extremophiles.  
    Tardigrades can apparently survive anything. Sounds like a concept for a science fiction movie, when the world is repopulated after some enormous disaster by creatures evolved from tardigrades.

  2. Actually, it’s a myth that tardigrades can survive anything. True, they can withstand cold, acid, poison, radiation and the naked vacuum of space. But they don’t do so well with extreme heat.  
    And Ingemar Jonsson (the chap who launched them into space) says that they are vulnerable to “mechanical pressure”. So you can squash them ;-)

  3. 303 °F is pretty extreme (a common cooking temperature). Above that temperature I imagine proteins start breaking down. 
    Anyway, if I have a tardigrade infestation, now I know what to do.