g in a monkey?

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Readers might be interested in a new paper in PLoS ONE, General Intelligence in Another Primate: Individual Differences across Cognitive Task Performance in a New World Monkey (Saguinus oedipus):

Individual differences in cognitive abilities within at least one other primate species can be characterized by a general intelligence factor, supporting the hypothesis that important aspects of human cognitive function most likely evolved from ancient neural substrates.

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  1. What a stroke of luck that the wee fella is so photogenic. 
    OT: does anyone have any idea why it should happen to have been African primates which evolved to us?

  2. could someone copy and paste here at GNXP the in press review of Nisbett’s book by Earl Hunt? (Intelligence). It’s called “A must read – perhaps with Maalox”

  3. Sounds like a research for the sake of publishing papers. So, individuals differ in complex traits? Really? That is quite a shocking discovery!  
    Does anyone need a study to find out that individuals differ in “athletic abilities”? And isn’t it obvious that the broadly defined “athletic ability” has a lot in common with the “g”? (Both being crude compound factors that describe something we don’t really have a firm idea of but that can be  
    derived as a parameter from statistical data).

  4. But I thought ‘g’ was just some statistical hocus-pocus. Does this mean that monkeys are racists too?