The Singularity Summit

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The Singularity Summit is in New York this year, October 3-4th. Here’s the program.



  1. Gee, it will be a cosy gathering. This “extraordinary group of visionaries in business, science, technology, design, and the arts” doesn’t include a single female. Us not visionary enough? Or too unextraordinary?

  2. Kurzwell’s speach at TED here

  3. The singularity is a myth. Waiting for the Eschaton is more pointless than for Godot. Entropy is a harsh and merciless mistress. Heat death will occur before any such flowering.

  4. Us not visionary enough? Or too unextraordinary? 
    Probably just too practical. In the category of ‘things I’d be pissed at being excluded from’ this wouldn’t rank too high, anyway.

  5. Us not visionary enough? Or too unextraordinary?

  6. Razib, have you written much on this elsewhere? You’re virtually the only one I’ve read who has thought about the intersection of HBD and the Singularity. Do you think we’re f*cked? Do you think humanity has psychic unity enough to proceed towards it without huge loss of life? Your massive thread on the topic and its “comments” seems to have *disappeared*.

  7. I think I will wait for the YouTube version; it’s to costly for the poor–like me.