Non-Black voting Democrat in 2008 presidential election

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Map from Andrew Gelman’s post, Race, region, and vote choice in the 2008 election: implications for the future of the Voting Rights Act (which has many more charts):

Compare with the last map in my post What’s not the matter with Appalachia.



  1. Razib, 
    [no linking to white supremacist websites please], and then compare it to the maps included in your post on “Where the whiter folk are.” The correspondence between the maps would seem to lend support to Mencius’ theory that SWPLism is the product of the degeneration of the Calvinist Christian culture that originally formed the backbone of the Yankee folkway.

  2. mencius moldbug is simply restating an old model. southerners were criticizing yankee predelicition toward “isms” during the antebellum period. and it’s probably not degeneration, it’s evolution; the subculture is still coherent, with the received wisdom still ultimately coming out of harvard et al. just as in the days of yore. in some ways the yankees are the french of america (“some” excludes their cuisine and sexual morals :-).

  3. Could you elaborate on the French?

  4. Could you elaborate on the French? 
    the love of new novel ideas. not always practical about them though. the interesting point of course is that the greatest sympathy for the french revolution seems to have been among the planters of virginia during the early republic, while the new englanders were pro-english. the initial religious heterodoxy and social progressivism of these low country aristocrats changed over time, though even john c. calhoun retained some of it (i believe he was a born up-country but changed his identity through social advancement) by adhering to unitarianism.

  5. There’s another interpretation of Calhoun. He and his wife were hard core Borderlands, in fact Scots-Irish, and he didn’t change is identity at all. He and Jackson were rich, intelligent and kept up with the times. But the Borderlands distrust of authority and disrecpect for law applies to both. Nullification was just a continuation of that their folks had been doing for 600 years back in Albion.

  6. Sorry about the link, I’ve uploaded the image to a separate hosting service here. A fun comparison is made with this similarly sized map of 2008 county election results. Taking a look at the ethnic geography maps provided here, shows that although Congregationalists may be a tiny fraction of present day county inhabitants, the effect of their past influence is still very significant.