Transhuman Goodness

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Most of the readers of this weblog probably have as much use for the Singularity as John Derbyshire, but for those of you who dig Overcoming Bias and Less Wrong, you might check out Transhuman Goodness. The author, Roko Mijic, is so normal he could almost pass as a civilian!


  1. Thanks, Razib! Appreciate both the link and the “compliment” ;-)

  2. John Derbyshire’s is correct, but is completely irrelevent to those of us who seek an open-ended lifespan. It is true that most people will not accomplish anything more than they do now with post-mortality. But this is a stupid argument to deny those of us who do seek greater accomplishment the right to post-mortality. I am sick of these kinds of arguments from “deathists”. If the Derb has no interest in post-mortality, that is his choice and I respect it. However, he has no business suggesting that his choice should also be my own as well. 
    The reality is that the “deathist” position, with regards to radical life extension, is inherently anti-freedom and individual free choices, and that is entirely unacceptable. John Derbyshire should understand this.

  3. It’s more serious than that for Derbyshire’s cart pusher. There is no reason to assume that a technological singularity will be egalitarian in nature, at least in it’s initial phases. Human nature (and historical record) suggests that a more likely scenario will involve the winner taking all (or at least, all that they care to take), with the rest of humanity being rapidly outclassed by the few, and their machines.