Merry Xmas

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& a happy New Year.


  1. Thank you, Razib, and the same to you.  Thanks for the present of a great blog.

  2. What Elaine said.

  3. As Elaine said–wouldn’t like to do without (even if the comment handling gets crapp…, um, niftier with every redo). Keep up the most excellent work anyway.

  4. I wish everyone happiness now, and always. 

  5. Your blog doesnt suck

  6. Razib, 
    Although, I never respond much. I still feel I need to thank you for great daily news. Great blog. 
    All the good to you and the other writers for the new year.

  7. Although I commented only once before, I do read this blog quite a lot and have been reading it for over a year now. Thank you Razib for your posts and I wish everyone a happy new year.