Jersey Shore coming back

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They’ve been signed for $10,000 per episode the next go around. Years ago Joel floated the idea of using Reality TV to test theories in social science. Paying the cast of Jersey Shore this much is going to mean that they’ll be under serious pressure to produce high quality “product.” I assume that means they’re crank up the magnitude of their “character.” For example, Ronnie Magro will be under pressure to beat up more d-bags next season. “The Situation” is going to have to do the nasty with even nastier.


  1. Italians are the best people

  2. after i saw some newspaper articles i watched a bunch of episodes online. yeah. unlike “real world” the people on “jersey shore” share the same ethos, so there was a lot of synergy. consider the first episode, pauly d was taken aback that mike was coordinating the cooking. pauly noted that “women cook, men eat.” this sort of attitude would be challenged and corrected on “real world,” but on JS pauly kept on partying. obviously there’s a lot of fakery and exaggeration to the whole “guido” schtick, but i think that they did have a core white working class ethos which you don’t see on TV much.

  3. All that tanning makes a cast of 20 somethings look like a cast of 30 somethings.

  4. the issue was very evident with mike “the situation” and “j-wow.”

  5. but how can they call this crap reality tv now (or really even then) after giving them big paychecks and everybody knows them,… 
    even that first year, you see a bunch of dickheads and some hooker looking chicks being followed bu a camera crew,…? I be hitting on the chicks too and i don’t mean punching,…

  6. I dont understand the appeal of this show. Italians in America doing bonky things, is not something new.