Gene Expression moves to WP

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For various reasons it was no longer feasible to run this website on Blogger. So I’ve switched over to WP. So please update your RSS feeds:

Update: If you’re subscribed via the Feedburner feed,, you don’t need to change anything. Just changed its feed address


  1. Please add a link to Scienceblogs GNXP to the side bar of this site. There used to be one. It’s useful.

  2. So are we going to find out the “various reasons” at some point?

  3. the main reason is that they’re shutting down custom FTP on blogger in march. the other reason is that WP is more customizable. nothing juicy unfortunately :-)

  4. Good move.

  5. A very welcome move. I used to hesitate to read the comment pop-up window for fear of the tremendous groanings and creakings clicking would bring forth from my computer as it loaded. It’s not happening anymore.

  6. You seem to have culled your blogroll? Could you have a heading for ‘recommended books’ to create more space?

  7. well, few people use blogrolls anymore it seems to me. mostly people just follow links to other blogs. but perhaps i should re-expand it.

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