Singularity Institute Research Challenge

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Ends today. Last Chance to Contribute to 2010 Singularity Research Challenge!:

Thanks to generous contributions by our donors, we are only $11,840 away from fulfilling our $100,000 goal for the 2010 Singularity Research Challenge. For every dollar you contribute to SIAI, another dollar is contributed by our matching donors, who have pledged to match all contributions made before February 28th up to $100,000. That means that this Sunday is your final chance to donate for maximum impact.

Since ~1/3 of readers of GNXP are sympathetic to transhumanism I thought it might be worthwhile to post this….

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  1. I totally disagree that equations, data and graphs/charts make a book less appealing. I hate the “I think therefore it’s true” style of so many authors. I also like graphs better than a book that only has references listed not the actual data where you can see it. If I have to go look up all the data to see if it really fits the picture, I have less confidence in the argument the author is making.

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