Non-deep thought

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We’ll never have utopia. A world in which in many nations it is normal for the poor to be fat is, is a utopia by any measure from the perspective of someone who lived in 1900. Prompted to think about this after listening to part of this diavlog between a transhumanist and Massimo Pigluicci. Sometimes I think the ideal futurist wold be someone with a background in evolutionary biology, economics/economic history and engineering.


  1. Utopia by any measure? Surely a 1900-er would view 2010 with a mixture of wonder and horror. What of religion? What of chastity?

  2. good points. though re: chastity, i would like to look at the numbers, not ideals, too.

  3. 1900 Utopia: fat poor people, women can be doctors and even doctors of philosophy, there’s a bicycle in every apartment and something’s finally been done about those giant mounds of horse manure at every intersection.

    2000 Utopia: poor (=dumb) people all have enough personal information technology to jack us up like normals, men have sexbots, there’s a flying car in every garage and something’s finally been done about having to trust mass media.

  4. What! We don’t need philosophers added to the mix of ideal futurists. That is the first blogging heads science Saturday I had to cut short. Good God they can be tiresome.
    “You’re a dirty dualist.”
    “Fuck you you’re a vitalist.”
    Now wasn’t that more entertaining.

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