Submitting your own links to GNXP

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I’ve decided to add a “user generated content” component to this weblog. The links submitted by users will now be at the top left. If you read this weblog, you know the stuff that readers (you) might find of interest. The main issue is getting to where you can submit the links.  First, initially I’ve limited the submission ability to those who have registered an account (that’s ~90 people right now). Because of the way the cookies work in WordPress you can see the user submit option only if you’re in the /wp directory, so I’ve changed the link on the header so that it sends you to this directory. You’re also in the directory when viewing an individual post (I know that I can fix this by changing default WordPress settings, but it seems to break the permlinks to individual entries). I’m especially interested in papers, data sources, etc. I will be deleting crap or inappropriate content as well. The image to the right shows where the user submit form will be, underneath the authors list. But remember you’ll only see it if 1) you’re logged in, 2) you’re in /wp/.

Also, I’ve created a twitter account just for this weblog. My personal twitter account has only my content, but this new one will have content from everyone who posts on this weblog (nothing there currently since I set it up after the last post). Finally, I added a retweet widget. You can retweet with the current sharing widget at the bottom of posts, but  I figure this is more convenient and obvious for most people.

Note: Links are not going to be associated with a user, so they’re anonymous submissions. If particular users are purposely submitted crap I may have to revise that policy!

Addendum: I get a fair number of emails with links. I don’t have the time to respond to all the submissions, or even blog about them, so I figured this would be a useful outlet.


  1. Razib, I think maybe your Total RSS feed has stopped working? Or maybe just Bloglines, where I follow it.

  2. switching in bloglines to that feed worked. there’s some weird issue, yes, but hopefully that will fix it (it wasn’t posting to twitter either).

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